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Low Level

Low flying aircraft gallery, dedicated to images of non-airshow low level flying.

The UK is divided into 20 separate low flying areas (LFAs). 3 of these areas are also known as Tactical Training Areas (TTAs). These are in:  central Wales, northern Scotland the borders area of southern Scotland and northern England.
In the LFAs, aircraft can fly as low as 100 feet in TTAs, although larger aircraft such as the C-130 Hercules are only permitted to fly as low as 150 feet.
Low flying is an essential part of the day to day training for millitary fast jet pilots. Low flying was successfully put into action during the first few days of the Gulf War in 1991, when RAF strike aircraft flew at ultra low level undetected by enemy radar to bomb Iraqi airfields, radar stations and other targets of tactical importance.
Low flying isn't just for strike aircraft though, large cargo aircraft like the C-130 Hercules and air defence fighters such as the Typhoon also require to train at low level to prepare for any situation in future combat situations.


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